Workshop Introduction

Alexei Antonov is pleased to announce the three day Master Classes in Classical Oil and other Painting Techniques.
Enrollment in the Master Classes is limited to three people.
Each person will have a unique lesson plan according to their general skill level and desires.

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Here are some possible topics:
Priming the Canvas
Umber Layer
Dead Layer
Color Layers
Finishing Layer

Workshop will be run almost every month.

Pricing is as follows:
One on one workshop – $1600
Two students – $900 per person
Three students – $750 per person

Please don’t hesitate to contact my lovely wife Tatiana via e-mail to find out about latest workshops schedule.
More about Alexei’s workshop…

It is impossible to teach painting, but it is possible to learn to paint.

Dear friends, I offer you an opportunity to join me in my master classes, to simply work together. It is not going to be a workshop in the traditional sense. I will not give you any generalized syllabus or promises that the workshop will instantly turn you into a famous artist. But I do promise that I will tell and show you everything that I learned in my life during our 3 days together.

I will tell you how I was taught and offer you the same method or, perhaps, a better method. The master classes will be held in my home studio, and the number of students will be limited. If necessary, we may meet more frequently.

Every day we’ll start at 10 a.m. and work until 5 p.m. or longer.

First we’ll figure out your personal needs, examine the works you bring with you, and try to come up with a personal plan for this particular workshop.
Each session will consist of two parts (order may be different). In the first, I will be working on one of my or your paintings (I always have a number of paintings at different stages of progress in my studio), while you observe, ask questions, and take notes and pictures. I will be explaining what I’m doing as we go along.

In the other part of each session, you will be working on your own projects that you started at home or during the workshop as I help you with practical advice and/or my own work.

We can create still life composition setups both for your future paintings and for our work in the studio, so please bring a digital camera or even your own objects that you would like to see in your future still lifes.

We will prime canvases, transfer drawings, choose imprimaturas, make grey mixtures, etc. What we do will depend on your needs and artistic ability, and it will all be done on an individual basis. In addition to still life, we can work on portrait and, perhaps, landscape. You can bring your own completed or unfinished paintings for discussion.

We can also examine and try different painting techniques like one layer ala prima, and different exercising techniques which will help bring your painting ability to a higher level.

Obviously, it would be great if you had some basic artistic training, that is if you knew which end of the brush goes into the paint and which end of the pencil to sharpen. It is also important to know which paints are bad for your liver if you swallow them (cadmiums, for example).

Jokes aside, it would be a good idea to watch some of my video workshops or read my e-book before you take my master class. The 1st workshop (Country Pitcher) would be best to start with.

Master Class Location:

Alexei Antonov home studio in Mukilteo or on Anderson Island, WA.

Bring your favorite brushes, palettes, and other things, and if you forget something, you will be able to use mine free of charge. Here is what you should bring with you:

flake white
flake yellow (cadmium yellow deep)
yellow ochre,
red ochre (English red)
burnt umber
ivory black
prussian blue
chinese vermilion (cadmium red)
madder lake deep

Round kolinsky sable brushes: #1, #3, #6
Squirrel brushes: #3, #6, #15 (for blending)
Palette (dark wood is preferred).
Lunch and refreshments will be provided daily.

You may also want to search for a place to stay near area code 98275 or 98303. I can only provide lodging to one student at a time.

If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please, request our mailing address here.
Workshop scheduler:
Pictures from the previous workshops
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