Flemish Masters Oil Painting Technique Video Workshop by Alexei Antonov

“One Layer Shortcut” 5th (DVD)

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This video course gives you an opportunity to understand and practice the Old Masters’ painting technique.
This shortcut method allows you to execute a painting in one layer, a technique that can help you complete an urgent order in two days.

The course consists of the following sections:

Drawing; Imprimatura 1; Imprimatura 2; Oil Treatment; Oil Removal; Color Set; Grapes 1; Dewdrop;  Apple; Grapes 2; Grape; Highlights; Generalizing Brush; Apple 1; Tulip; Tulip Leaf’; Pomegranate; Pomegranate Seeds; Bronze Bowl; Bowl Reflections; Bowl Highlights; Lemon; Background; Tabletop; Palette Knife; Tulip 2; Dewdrops on Tulips; Ant; Signature; Drop Shadow; Apple 2; Last Touch; Conclusion.

Here are some screen shots of the shortcut video Workshop.

Running Time: 119 Minutes
Produced by Alexei Antonov
Translation and narration by Vladimir Pavlov
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